Air Compressors Rental 9-235HA

The 825 cfm model 9-235HA portable compressor from Doosan is the air compressor to choose if you want high performance, fuel efficiency and quiet running. The compressor is also designed with environmental conservation in mind. Its base is drip-proof to prevent any spillage of fluids. Doosan has also incorporated features that allow automatic safety shutdown making it a safe compressor to use in an array of project situations. The 825 cfm model 9-235HA portable compressor has a “coolbox” design that keeps temperatures within the compressor at not more than 11°C above the temperature of its surroundings. This feature is responsible for the compressor components’ increased lifespan. The compressor has a 5 year or 10,000-hour transferable power train warranty.
  • Uses oil for cooling the compressor and water for cooling the engine
  • Has a maximum allowable pressure of 10 bars
  • Has six cylinders
  • Has a speed of 2000 RPM
  • Has a fuel capacity of 462 liters

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