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Blue Fin Heavy Equipment Rental LLC is the premier air compressors provider in the UAE. We provide technologically advanced air compressors that are highly reliable in addition to being low maintenance. At Blue Fin Heavy Equipment Rental LLC, we have the experts to help you through the decision making process for the air compressor that would be best suited for your particular project.

Our experts have the knowledge and experience needed to effectively help you make your choice. In our catalog, we have portable air compressors from the top brands in the industry. Our rental program offers you an opportunity to use the best industrial air compressors without incurring heavy costs of purchase.


We believe in making sure that you get safe air compressors to use with the rest of your project equipment. Our portable air compressors are also designed with environmental conservation in mind. The air compressors in our catalog are friendly to the environment and will be a perfect addition to your industrial project. Our experts will also help you through the planning and installation process anywhere in Dubai.

As the newest company under Blue Fin Group of Companies, Blue Fin Heavy Equipment Rental LLC is committed to living up to the high standards that Blue Fin Group of Companies is known for. Since 1994, Blue Fin Group of Companies has been a leading innovator across Sharjah, helping people and institutions realize their goals through unmatched, bespoke business solutions.

Blue Fin Group of Companies’ ISO 9001:2008 certification provides proof that we stop at nothing to supply our customers with the equipment of the highest quality. All our air compressors meet the outlined industry standards and we lease them out at very competitive prices. Explore our air compressors catalog; find the best portable air compressors for your specific needs.



The 825 cfm model 9-235HA portable compressor from Doosan is the air compressor to choose if you want high performance.

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rental-air-compressors-uae-Doosan XP375-425

Doosan XP375-425
The compressor XP375-425 from Doosan has been designed with productivity in mind. It has a pressure of between 125 & 150.

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rental-air-compressors-uae-P185WYM–P260 HP220WYM

The compressors P185WYM – P260 HP220WYM are part of Doosan platinum series built for profitability, high performance.

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