Providing Semi-automatic Bar Bending Solutions to ensure smooth workflow


Every construction project requires certain equipment in order to keep all operations smoothly running. One of those very important equipment is a Bar bender. Essential for numerous tasks at any construction site, a Bar bender ensures flawless operations through its robust and durable nature. We are one of the best company which deals in bar benders rental in UAE.
The vision of Blue Fin Heavy Equipment Rentals is to achieve maximum client satisfaction by providing optimum level of services and top quality rental bar benders. We want our clients to know that we are operating on a mode with clients as priority.
We ensure that our clients receive the most reliable bar benders in UAE which are technologically updated for smart and smooth workflow of the project.

Get optimum quality and most reliable bar benders on rent at only Blue Fin Heavy Equipment Rentals LLC. To make sure that our client is on the right path we also provide project oriented services if you choose to use our rental services.


Bar benders at Blue Fin Heavy Equipment Rentals LLC are semi-automatic, mostly used for quick and smooth bending. Made in Italy, Silla Bar benders are built-up in quality controlled environments with high quality raw material. They prove to be ideal when bending steel bars at any construction site. They are designed in a way to be lifelong, durable and completely user friendly. The user friendly nature of this equipment is the best attribute as it can be easily operated by a Layman. Majorly known for smoothly increasing the productivity of a steel yard, eliminating the use labor.
Blue Fin Group of companies is the parent company of Blue Fin Heavy Equipment Rental LLC, with expertise in each of their respective industries. We are in the UAE market for over 22 years now and have deep and sound knowledge of whatever we offer.

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