Blue Fin Heavy Equipment Rentals, LLC is one of the finest construction equipment rental company in UAE which deals with specific equipment for a variety of sectors including oil and gas, construction, infrastructure, and industries. Our oil and gas rental equipment can be used for onshore as well as offshore processes anywhere in Dubai. The oil and gas industry is particularly significant because it is the backbone of the economies of many countries in this region. A country that focuses its energy on growing this sector can undergo incredible transformation to become self-sufficient. An economy that invests heavily in the oil and gas sector can within a number of years begin to operate the same way developed economies operate.

How Our Construction Equipment Rental Service Eliminate Risk

Using oil and gas exploration equipment that is not at par with the task can have devastating and potentially hazardous outcomes. Blue Fin construction equipment rental service helps eliminate these risks by providing the best exploration equipment in the industry, ensuring the project runs smoothly from start to finish.

Some of the devices and tools used to improve the safety levels during exploration include:

Chawlyn Valve

This is a valve used for safe shutdown of diesel generators. It does this by getting rid of external vapors or gases that accumulate in its system. The chawlyn valve uses an emergency stop button to ensure that the diesel generator is not damaged after the occurrence of a machine or human error. This button can promptly and effectively stop any potential threat to your project.

Battery Isolator

This device is used to split current flow in a single direction and as a result protect batteries from power depletion. Using a single source of power, the two batteries are simultaneously charged.

Spark Arrestor

This tool is used to minimize safety risks by eliminating the possibility of a fire outbreak and making certain your project’s environment is not explosive. By doing this, the tool contributes to keeping the project running safely.

Drip Tray

This drip tray is important in keeping the project location free of hazardous liquids. It drains these liquids thus keeps the area clean as well as safe.

Anti-Static Belts

These belts protect workers from static power/electricity that could harm them as they handle heavy-duty electronic equipment.

Shackles and Slings

Shackles and slings are specially built with the capacity to handle the specific lifting demands of a given project.

Other than our construction equipment rental services in UAE, we also provide many other rental and leasing services for a wide range of sectors. To check out our core products Click Here!