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Companies dealing with infrastructure need more quality and stability to strive through current structural challenges. Therefore, there are some general perimeters to keep in consideration such as expert workforce, highest quality materials, proven machinery and appropriate work environment. These perimeters collectively work as a powerhouse for achieving total productivity. Problems like, repeated renovation might occur in future if any one of these perimeters is missed.

Blue Fin Heavy Equipment Rental LLC ensures to make keep your projects in flow by providing specialized rental double drum rollers anywhere in the UAE. Keeping our esteemed clients in mind, we offer a great product mix of rental double drum rollers and the best double-drum rollers in the industry with multiple special features.

If you are in search of double drum rollers on rent in UAE of optimum quality, top class strength and safety features enabled, Blue Fin Heavy Equipment rentals is where you can get maximum satisfaction.


Blue Fin Heavy Equipment stocks brand-new double-drum rollers. Manufactured in highly specialized plants by Paclite in France and Wacker Neuson in USA. It enables the companies to achieve maximum productivity in their respective projects. Due to its smooth drums and beveled edge, these double drum rollers have the ability to offer flawless compaction of granular material and asphalt. They are proven to be suitable for a wide range of soil and asphalt compaction applications. Unlike other local rollers it also offers multiple advanced features like; Operator-present” safety system and Minimum arm vibrations.

With over 22 years of industrial experience, Blue Fin Group of Companies is the parent company of Blue Fin Heavy Equipment Rental LLC. Majorly known for providing perfect equipment throughout UAE and that is what makes them the best in their respective industry.


double drum rollers uae The RD 7 double drum roller

RD 7 double drum roller
The RD7 is a walk-behind double drum vibratory compactor. Smooth drum and the hypotenuse work equally with asphalt.

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The RD 7 double drum roller uae

Duplex Roller
This Paclite DRX7800 is a great addition to the roller squad at Blue Fin Heavy Equipment Rentals. It comes with extra power.

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