Equipment Rental Company UAE – About Us

Who we are

Blue Fin Heavy Equipment Rentals, LLC is the newest addition to the Blue Fin Group of Companies. At Blue Fin Heavy Equipment Rentals, everything is structured to make sure we meet the needs of our clients. Every job we take up is client-oriented. Our aim is total satisfaction for the client with every rental service we provide. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification is our guarantee to you that we will always deliver to you excellent products and services.

Our drive is offering every one of our clients the equipment of the highest quality for smooth workflow. When you lease our equipment, we do everything possible to ascertain that your project runs successfully and that the equipment is safe and deliver value for your money. We are also available 24/7 to help you with any challenge that may arise on site.

When you lease our equipment, this is what you should expect;

All our deliveries are done on time, allowing for troubleshooting, if the need arises, before the commencement of any given project.

We do quality checks regularly. This way, you can be sure that the equipment you get from us will be at optimum performance throughout the duration of your project. The checks are also to ensure you keep your costs at manageable levels.

Our Mission

Quality equipment, smooth application and safety of the project

Our mission revolves around these three elements all aimed at customer satisfaction. As our customers’ trust in us grows, we achieve greater heights of success. If you are looking for the best generator suppliers in UAE, we are the perfect company for the job. We provide rental and leasing services for a wide range of sectors including offshore oil and gas sectors, infrastructure, events, industries and construction. All the equipment that Blue Fin Heavy Equipment Rental LLC provides has been third-party certified. You can, therefore, rest assured that it is safe to use the equipment and that your project will run without a hitch.

Our Core products include:

  • Diesel Generators
  • Air Compressors
  • Office Containers
  • Tower Lights
  • Flatbed trailers
  • Welding Machines
  • Containers – Dry and Reefer

Wherever you might be in Dubai, we can provide you with the equipment you need. We are the premier generator suppliers in UAE. Whether you are a golf-course developer, in the oil and gas industry, wants to set up an industrial plant or you do construction, Blue Fin Heavy Equipment Rentals is the perfect heavy equipment rental and leasing company to meet your needs. Our promise is providing you with smart solutions that give you optimum quality at the least possible cost.