Hire Portable Toilet in UAE:

We often come across the situations where we have to travel to far off places without the proper knowledge of the availability of washrooms on the way.  A portable toilet also known as the mobile toilet is the ultimate solution to all such problems. These toilets can easily be moved around and carried to places where you have uncertainty about the sanitary conditions. The portable toilets in UAE provide the user with the facility of easy carriage on any site, such as a travel by the car, bus, travelling on the ship etc. A major characteristic is that most types do not require any pre-existing services to be provided on-site, such as sewerage disposal, but are completely self-contained. These toilets provide the following facilities:

Comfortable, sustainable and economically feasible.

Perfect for construction projects or any budget event.

Reduced mobility toilets.

Self-contained mobile ablution.

Toilet Block Rental in Dubai

Bluefinrentals.ae provides mobile toilets on rent to use in any kind of event such as horse racing, film shoots, cultural festivals, weddings, concerts etc. These can also be used in any kind of golf tournaments, exhibitions etc. too where otherwise the sanitary conditions are not good enough and safe for people to use. By taking a toilet block on rent, you can easily solve this issue and use these toilets throughout the coverage of the event. Most of such units also have wheels and can be dragged easily to the destination. These units also do not need drainage or power and just consists of a toilet with a hand pump. It also contains wall urinal, hand washing basins and can easily be parked on the site where required.

Portable Bathroom Rental in Dubai and UAE:

The portable toilets in Dubai and UAE ensure quality and well-made portable sanitation products. These toilets are tested before provided to the customers. These toilets are being provided to a large number of companies including many construction, building and event management companies. There are also options for the customization of the toilets on special orders to ensure customer satisfaction. These portable toilets are easily available on rent and ensure the following facilities:

  • Easy mobilization and 5 minute setup
  • No Trucks – No Cranes
  • Solar powered
  • No cables – No generators
  • Self-Contained
  • No Tanks – No Pumps – No Pipes
  • Luxury Ceramic Amenities with Large Mirror and LED lights


  • Single Unit (1 seater)
  • Double Unit (2 seater)
  • 4 Pax Unit (4 seater)
  • Urinal Unit (4 Urinals)